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Mountain view iCity apartment 165 sqm 35AH18

القاهرة الجديدة, القاهرة تم إضافة الإعلان في 12:33, 1 ديسمبر 2016, رقم الإعلان: 108202873

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جمنازيوم مشترك
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غرف نوم 3
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المساحة (م٢) 165
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Mountain view I city
apartment 165 m
prime location
Total price: 1,473,000
Down-price: 358979
Maintenance: 105000
Club house: 60,000
parking: 90,000
Delivery: 2020

Mountain View iCity Overview

- Luxuriously designed variety of units built on 500 Acres
- Built Area 20% , Roads 10% , 70% Landscape

- The Project Divided into 6 Parks :
1- Royal park 2- Mountain park 3- club park
4- creek park 5- lagoon park
6-central park in the middle of the master plan 63 FD

- Each park divided into 3 islands :
1-Residential 2-outings 3-services

Mountain View iCity Facilities :

- Mega mall
- Lagoons (Cabins direct lagoon view)
- Corniche
- Sports club
- Five services island ( bakery - laundry - mini market - nursery - clinic - pharmacy ) daily use services
- 24 hr Security
- E-Car ( Drives u inside compound )

Accessibility & facilities
located in the heart of new Cairo, i city is just 15 minutes away from AUC. Easily reachable from all parts of Cairo, with easy access to all what new Cairo has to offer, from schools, clubs, outings and essential services.
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Tucked away from the stresses of the outside world, this tranquil oasis of leafy walks and peaceful waterways offers you ultimate in a serene, relaxed lifestyle. Hidden amongst spacious green areas, sparkling lagoons and stunning forests you'll find a vast array of immaculate residences offering a high level of personal privacy and unprecedented security. No matter what your taste is, I City has your dream home, where every detail has been meticulously designed and expertly crafted around you.

mountain view iCity apartment 165 sqm 35AH18 القاهرة الجديدة -  2
mountain view iCity apartment 165 sqm 35AH18 القاهرة الجديدة -  3
mountain view iCity apartment 165 sqm 35AH18 القاهرة الجديدة -  4

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تعاملات مالية آمنة
1,473,000 ج.م
أرسل رسالة
القاهرة الجديدة, القاهرة أظهر على الخريطة

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