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Monster iSport Freedom

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Monster iSport Freedom

 iSport Freedom, a wireless music and phone experience in a compact on-ear headphone design that will revolutionize your life.

Nothing will come between you and your music, no matter your workout or routine. Let the soundtrack begin.

Wireless on-ear controls
The multi-function key lets you power on or off, answer calls, track forward or back and control the volume.
Superior design and construction-optimized for comfort and reliability

The wireless iSport Freedom lets you focus on your fitness, calls, and music without worrying about cords or wires.

Reflective safety trim lets you safely train after dark while antimicrobial soft ear cushions give you bacteria-free comfort.

Pure Audio Adrenaline
Tough, durable and waterproof, iSport Freedom is easily cleaned. Sweatproof, Freedom stands up to your most rigorous workouts.

Wireless Pure Monster Sound
Sweatproof, washable, antimicrobial

Easy on-ear controls

Voice-activated calls

Optimized for long-wearing comfort

Reflective safety trim

سماعه Monster iSport Freedom

جديده لم تستخدم.

السعر  3000 جنيه أو 150 دولار أمريكي.