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An enthusiastic network engineer with the necessary drive and determination needed to resolve complex networking issues. Possessing effective organisational skills and excellent working knowledge of networking technologies and having a commitment to keep up to date with the latest developments. Experienced in providing motivation, guidance and a up to date networking consultancy service to both colleagues and clients.
Now looking for a new and challenging network engineer position, one which will make best use of my existing skills and experience and also further my development.


- Diagnosing Hardware & Software .
- Windows Active Directory .
- Microsoft Operating systems .
- Computer Networks and TCP/IP .
- Network Cabling .
- SharePoint Administration .
- Supporting Desktop Systems .
- Cisco Router .
- Cisco Switch .
- Network Management .
- Remote Access .


- Administering & designing LANs, WANs internet/intranet, and voice networks.
- Network connectivity troubleshooting, ping .
- Investigating, diagnosing and resolve all network problems..
- Updating and monitoring IT user accounts.
- Working on Active Directory accounts, Working within a TCP/IP network environment, including DHCP, DNS and ethernet
- Troubleshooting technical problems and implementing solutions.
- Purchasing of IT Equipment and software in line within agreed budgets.
- Supporting a multi-site IT infrastructure of at least 100 employees.
- Responsible for the fast and accurate troubleshooting of reported Faults.
- Responsible for diagnosing & resolving hardware, software & end users problems.
- Configuring and managing backup & restore procedures.
- In-depth knowledge of Microsoft Windows client operating systems. XP, Vista / 7/8/10 & Microsoft Office up to Office 2013 .
- Ability to work under pressure


Future Academy For Informatin System 2006 : 2010


MCITP Self Study

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