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Extremely Rare : Egypt King Fouad I Bronze Medal 1927

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Original & Limited King Fouad I Bronze Medal - 1927 offered by the Italian King Vittorio Emanuele III to the Egyptian delegation accompanying King Fouad during his first visit to Italy.

I inherited this rare medal from my Grandfather who was the minister of Interior during King Fouad time and who was part of the delegation and granted this limited souvenir medal during the visit .

The front side has King Fouad I picture , and the back side is a piece of art showing 2 ladies mixing the Nile river water with the Tiber river as a sign of the strong relations between Egypt and Italy . The design as well portrays the Egyptian pyramids and the Sphinx along with Rome Colosseum . Dimensions : 7.1 cm Thickness : 5 mm)

N.B: if a deal is reached, the transaction can be concluded at the buyer country or in Egypt as I travel a lot abroad ( European Union & Middle East countries only ) for more details please contact me .