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Daycare Employee I

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The Daycare Employee will be primarily responsible for providing care to children of Our Employees, including but not limited to: Educational Activities, Social Activities, Health & Safety, Dietary Needs, Cleanliness, etc.
The number of enrolled children ranges between 5 to 10 children with ages ranging from 3 months old to school-aged. The number of children varies greatly by time of year because of school vacations.
This opening is for the main Daycare employee (Babysitter 1) There are two Daycare employees in the department to alternate in tasking and provide better care for children. This also ensures that there is never a situation where children are left unattended or work is hampered for our female staff members.
- Cultivate a learning environment for young learners.
- Encourage and ignite curiosity for young learners.
- Facilitate social activities for children under your care.
- Teach basic social skills including: sharing, courtesy, honesty, integrity, cleanliness, etc.
- Read to children during appropriate times from supplied reading material.
- Supervise children during visits to Playground.
- Facilitate arts & crafts to engage young children.
- Adhere to Health & Safety rules and regulations to prevent illness and accident.
- Feed children healthy food provided by parents, at timed intervals, using cleanliness and consciousness.
- Teach children to eat and maintain their area.
- Clean after children during mealtime, potty time and play time.
- Organize and maintain the Daycare center(s) daily to prevent loss or damage to inventory items.
- Maintain a direct line of communication with mothers on a daily basis to update them about the child’s development.
- Communicate immediately all concerns to management.
- Work as a team with a common goal - the interest of enrolled children.

- Education: A certificate in Early Childhood education or psychology is preferred.
- Experience: Zero experience is acceptable if the applicant has a college education... 1 to 5 years of early childhood supervision, teaching or care is preferred.
- Skills: Health & Safety skills, Interpersonal skills.
- Working Conditions: Late working hours during peak times. Increased number of children during peak times.
- Preferred applicant lives in the neighborhood. (Sama Qahera, Baron City, Fersan, Abadel Rahman, Hadaba Wusta, Ring Road Kattamia area)