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Customer Service Reps Work From Home For Tech Company

الإسكندرية تم إضافة الإعلان في 22:39, 14 يونيو 2018, رقم الإعلان: 133418016

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نوع العمل دوام جزئي
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الراتب 2,100
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OpenTaxi is an online delivery and booking app for anything from taxis to food, to hotels, and trips, and beyond.

Right this minute we are looking for Egyptian based Customer Service Reps to handle over the phone food order taking from the customer and dispatch for the driver and notification to the restaurant of said order.

You will be given a company phone for work purposes only. This is a work from home position but you must be in Alexandria so we can interview and regularly check in with you face to face.

We are a start up so pressure is not much to begin with. Orders will come in from Facebook, web, and phone.

You just need to be by a phone and computer at all times. We are looking for people to work multiple 8 hour shifts. Pay is 10 EGP an hour with a bonus given on how many successful orders are fulfilled thanks to you from taking orders over the phone or chatting by web or fb.

Again, you must be in the Alexandria market, know English, have good computer skills, and most important provide great customer service.

Payout is based on 26 days of work at 10 EGP for each 8 hours on duty. This comes roughly to 2100 EGP a month PLUS performance bonus!

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