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Customer service

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2.Customer service is required for major banks and Exchange centers salaries starting from 1250 until 3000 according to the level of English to be coached and you qualify to pass the interview. -Work 9 hours including one hour break.
-5 working days and two days off per week. <
-21 days paid annual leave.
-Incentives and many privileges. -Availability of transportation to the work site.
-Career opportunity in other departments after 6 months.
-Provision of health and social insurance.
* Eligibility: high qualification-Grand Cairo residents only-male and female-only a limited number of 2-max age 28 males and 25 females. English 30% till 100%
* workplace: (Nasr City/October/Mohandeseen/Fifth Avenue/Garden City)
*changing shifts.
*There is no fee for recruitment
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