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Configuration Controller

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• Ensure product documentation format is received prior to a first product run in the correct format and schedule. Documentation must be available to operations well in advance of the build.
• Manage changes throughout the product life cycle to ensure that there is a robust audit trail between as designed and as manufactured engineering data.
• Lead the development and maintenance of engineering documents and document changes for new and existing products and other controlled documents.
• Critically evaluate engineering change requests for impact and challenge requests to demonstrate that changes are cost effective and beneficial.
• Interact with various departments to improve document quality and usability.
• Produce, update and distribute accurate product documents in a timely manner through the Engineering Change process. o Receive and enter data from source documents into Made2Manage and Check Point/Circuit Cam for engineering configuration control.
• Ensure prompt data entry and accurate file maintenance.
• Compile and report statistics, measurements and records of completed work to management.
• Select and maintain materials and supplies needed to complete work assignments accurately and promptly.
• Responsible to manage deviation request.
• Maintain and track the ECO process from start to completion.
• Maintain productivity levels set by manager.
• May be asked to perform other duties at a lower level or higher level of proficiency or not related to this classification on occasion.


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Hospital Management Information System Developers

Hospital Management Information System Developers

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