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Agriculture Export Manager

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Agriculture Export Manager
• Planning and implementing export strategies consistent with overall aims and requirements of the organization
• Attended international exhibitions to promote a positive image of the company
• Evaluating and selecting suitable agents to sell and distribute the company products and maintain proper relations with clients and agents
• Maintain constructive relationships with all agents and insuring that best service is given to clients, and work on solving problems if any
• Coordinate with production and warehouse department to ascertain efficient product supply
• Follow the entire export process and interact with both inside and outside organizations
• Arrange shipping details and delivery dates and to ensure that the product to customers in accordance with the time specified in coordination with the Department of Logistics
• Maintain a position of trust and responsibility by keeping all customer business confidential
• Handling all the exporting process starting from recognizing clients through the fairs abroad.
• Handling all the export cycle A to Z
• Taking decisions related to gaining clients and the way of establishing new business relations for a long term and how to keep these relations and develop it by the following
• Knowing the company priorities, the most important markets
Arranging visits abroad at the clients offices to see their facilities and positions
• Visit the super markets that the clients supply them to check the quality requirements, real packing types to know how to match exactly with the international specifications
• Invite clients to come to Egypt to have a detailed look at the company facilities
• Starting work, applying the clients requirements in a practical way by selling them the company's products
• Following up to see their impression after trail shipment arrival
• Making sure of applying all quality requirements and the satisfaction of the clients
• Agree on weekly program and develop and increase the business
• Applying the above mentions steps for all the clients in many different products and markets