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As Egypt’s economy expands and people’s aspiration grow we are constantly looking to do things differently and create value for our customers and investors at El Patio 4 Shorouk City we think it is time for a different view of real estate, one which reflects the rapidly changing ways in which people live and work.The first time you enter El Patio, you will automatically notice that the landscapes take a completely different route, they were made to resemble a private garden, with lush exotic plants and an outstanding use of imagination to create a getaway from the ordinary.At El Patio, we chose to be selective, throughout the community, we have taken out any non commercial projects in order to give the occupants a much more private setting without being disturbed or distracted by the world outside.As home owners we understand that your residence is your sanctuary, and we have strived in every way to create that air of intimacy. We have chosen that El Patio be built as a gated community, to help keep the privacy of all its occupants at their fingertips.Words can only go so far in describing the extra ordinary, and extra ordinary is what is to be found at El Patio, from private gazebos, to hidden pools, El Patio is the perfect combination of a summer house and a fine family home. We invite you to see for yourself and we promise only this…it will take your breath away. Real Estate Egypt, Shorouk, El Patio 4: Twin for Sale in El Patio 4 with Plot Area: 450 m m Building Area: 370 m Three Floors : Ground+ First& Roof Divided into: 3 Bedrooms, Large Reception, 2 Living Room, Servant Room, Kitchen, 2 bathrooms, Guest Toilet

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